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    Completing your travel ensemble

    Completing your travel ensemble

    For the last several blog posts we have focused on travel.

    Finally, we are focusing on the Everyday Carry bag. This is the bag that you will take with you throughout the day when you travel. You might store your duffles under the bed in the hotel, but this is the bag you will carry with you to event, dinner, on the train, etc.

    We suggest from 4 options.

    Option 1 - The Elisa

    Luca's Elisa Travel Bag

    This classic bag is timeless. You could wear it with jeans and a t-shirt and easily pull off a youthful look while maintaining your fashion standards.

    Option 2 - The Lynda

    Luca's Lynda travel bag

    This fashion forward design is unique to our brand. Only the most skilled craftsman know how to make this curved bottom design. This bag clearly communicates sophistication with a touch of playfulness.

    Option 3 - The Journalist

    Luca's The Journalist travel bag

    This unisex briefcase is perfect for the business traveler. Carry all of your essential items, even those you carry in your purse typically. This bag literally goes with everything.

    Option 4 - The Francesca

    Luca's The Francesca travel bag

    This sleek line option can go anywhere from the beach to the brewery. We carry several color options to reflect your taste.

    In summary, we believe that the right bags can set you up for pleasing, eye-catching, hassle-free travel.

    Call the boutique today to discuss your travel luggage needs!