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    What is your concealed carry when you travel?

    What is your concealed carry when you travel?

    No, we aren't referring to the type of pistol you carry when you travel. In most cases, that isn't legal or is a huge hassle. We are talking about what essential items should you carry on your person when you are in a big city or even traveling abroad.

    Here is our list of essential items that we think you should consider carrying.

    1. ID - If you are in the states this is typically your driver's license if you are abroad this is most likely your passport. You never know which event you attend or place you visit will ask you for your ID. We also recommend taking a picture of the front and back of your id and saving it on your phone in case you lose it and need information from it.

    2. Currency - This means cash and charge. If you are in the states you can still get away with a swipe card and paper cash. If you travel abroad you will probably need a chip card and some method of carrying coins. We recommend that you have some US cash and foreign cash and that you download a currency exchange app so that you don't get screwed negotiating with someone.

    3. Cell phone and accessories - We recommend carrying an extra USB charging cable in a Ziploc baggy in your concealed carry bag. If it starts to rain you can stick your phone in the bag and the cord won't get tangled up in your other stuff. Most other countries require that your phone gets a new chip installed or that those countries are "activated" on your plan. Be sure to talk to your provider before you go.

    4. Ibuprofen - If your health allows you to take ibuprofen we recommend carry a dozen pills of 200mg each. These work wonder for altitude sickness, muscle cramps, and even hangovers.

    5. Ear plugs - You might have earbuds to listen to music or talk on the phone but we recommend regular old 5 cent hardware store earplugs. These can dampen the noise of crying babies, barking dogs, or anything else keeping you awake.

    6. A pen and notepad - This can be super useful to take notes, write down critical information or even help with translating because sometimes you have to draw stick figures to get your point across.

    7. A flashlight - Or some sort of light as you are likely to get home late or have to navigate some space in the dark.

    If you are traveling abroad, we recommend finding a super close fitting bag that can carry all of the above items but also go underneath a coat or button down shirt. This will allow you to be hands-free and know that your most critical items are the closest to you.