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    Blog — leather

    Two of the most stunning reviews I ever received...

    Two of the most stunning reviews I ever received...

    Last Friday a young couple came to the store, she fell in love with a purse and bought it. The morning after I found these two beautiful reviews on my Facebook page:

    Christian: Luca's leather goods are above premium you can't get quality like this anywhere else. You can spend double or triple for name brands for a lower quality but luca's shop is the highest of quality and half of the price of other overpriced brands and all of these designs are so unique and stylish. Luca makes you feel at home and welcomes you in with open arms and he will work with you I could not recommend this place enough.

    Megan: What a place! My husband and I were blown away, not only by the amazing products and quality of leather, but also by Luca, his knowledge of the pieces and his willingness to make your individual experience in his shop an excellent one. We will be back!

    I want to thank YOU for being part of my story as much as I am part of yours! I am really eager to deepen our friendship, for this reason I would love to ask you to review our store either on Facebook, Yelp, Google or wherever is convenient for you. I am asking you to be honest and genuine, tell me what we are doing well and what we can do better! I would love that!